Top 5 Richest Rappers 2013

Well! Many of us are like crazy for rap songs and have heard of many raps that took away our breath away for a while. Seriously, I was researching on the top 10 raps that are ever made, however, I got the idea of listing the top richest rappers when seen the net worth of some rappers. Between the albums they make, some rappers literally use some other options to make up huge money to make it to the list of top 5 richest rappers in the world.

Richest Rapper #5: 50 cent

Net Worth: $260 million

top 5 richest rappers

Besides the album cloth lining and touring earned him more than enough money to crack into the list of top 5 richest rappers who are alive today. Interestingly, 50 cent is a big fan of the drinks, and agreed to advertise the drink for free of cost, not precisely, however, he took the ownership in that company which worth $150 million. Through all his earnings his net worth is summed up as 260 million and therefore listed as 5th richest rapper in the world.

Richest Rapper #4: Master P

Net Worth: $350 million

richest rapper in the world

Percy Robert Miller is known as the master P which is his stage name. Rather he is known better as P. Miller as a business man. He is a rapper, entrepreneur, producer and investor as well as a basketball player in the minor leagues. In addition he is the founder of No limits record label which is popular and went to bankrupt later it is re-launched as “New No Limit Records” through Koch. He is the CEO and founder of the popular enterprise P. Miller. Moreover he is an entertainer and an awesome rapper. More than that he is one of the richest rapper in the world.

Richest Rapper #3: Dr. Dre

Net Worth: $360 million

richest rapers

Andre Romelle Young was born on Feb 18 1965. Andre young is more popular and known with his stage name “Dr. Dre”. He is a well known rapper, more than that he is a record producer and entrepreneur. In addition Dr. Dre founder of the popular companies like Beats Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment. Prior e was the co-owner and an artist of the popular Death Row Record. He hit the list of top 5 richest rappers with the net worth of 360 million USD. In 201, Dr. Dre was caught 3rd place the third place in the top 5 richest rappers list. Though he was down in the count last year, he got his previous position with the earning of $100 million this year.

Richest Rapper #2: Jay-Z

Net Worth: $500 million

top 5 richest rappers

Jay-Z it still on his track of 10-years, $150 million and 360 Live Nation deal which helped him to increase his net worth up to 25 million from last year. Jay-Z made his mark in the sports world with the debut stake in the NBA Brooklyn Nets along with their arena Barclay Center. However, the couples (Jay-Z and Beyonce) were busy with the expectations about the new daughter. Besides rapping he is a entrepreneur and investor.

Richest Rapper #1: Diddy

Net Worth: $580 million

richest rapper in the world

Though there are some ups and downs in the bottom, the title is still unchanged since the list started to emerge in the internet. Diddy is still dominating the Top 5 Richest rappers list with a net worth of $580 million. Thanks to his Ciroc Vodka Brand his net worth is grown to 580 from 500 million in this year. He is a rapper as well as a entrepreneur and top in the list ever since it is made.  

So if you are looking for the list of top 50 richest rappers, click here to know who are in the top of their business and earned a whole bunch of money to make it to the list of richest rappers in the world.


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